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levitra super active (vardenafil)

Levitra is more effective analogue of Sildenafil

levitra super active (vardenafil)

Vardenafil is the main active ingredient in Levitra Super Active (dosage 20 mg). When taking Levitra Super Active, the result comes faster, and the effect lasts longer.

Men discover new opportunities for themselves with the help of Levitra Super Active 20 mg, thanks to which their sex life becomes richer and brighter. They feel confident in themselves primarily due to the prolonged action of the drug. If you use the drug on Saturday morning, then an excellent high-grade and, most importantly, a pleasant rest is assured for the whole weekend.

The fact that the erection does not occur suddenly, but only as a result of sexual stimulation adds more confidence. Another advantage is a slight increase in the sensitivity of the genital organ, which certainly adds bright colors and introduces new experience in the relationship between partners. Sexual relationships become more diverse and bring much more pleasure.

How to take the drug and its mechanism of action

Levitra Super Active 20 mg is used for various disorders of the male genitalia. In cases where the traditional Levitra is not effective, Levitra Super Active has a positive result. The drug must be used before the start of sexual intimacy (20-25 min.). The capsule does not need to be chewed. It is swallowed and washed down with a glass of chilled water. Experts do not recommend using more than one capsule within 24 hours. Ideal case - one capsule in 3 days. It is important to remember that the main substance is active for 35 hours.

Vardenafil is able to slow down PDE-5, thanks to which a good and long-lasting erection is achieved. The effect of the substance is as follows: the blood actively flows to the male organ through the arteries leading to it, filling the cavernous bodies, and an erection occurs. After the sexual contact is completed, blood flows from the penis because the arteries relax, and the erection disappears.

Drug advantages

Levitra Super Active 20 mg compares favorably with the famous Viagra and ensures that the erection does not happen unexpectedly. We list the main advantages of the drug:

  • great effectiveness and safety compared to traditional Viagra
  • fast action of the main active substance, thus, a quick onset of erection
  • long-lasting effect, reaching 35 hours
  • an opportunity to not to limit the use of fat food and alcohol during drug intake
  • soft effect
  • minimal amount of unwanted effects

What are the undesirable effect of the drug?

Before you start using the drug, you need to get advice from a professional. This is explained by the fact that the dosage of the drug is higher, and its effect is more prolonged than that of a simple Levitra, so the body may, in some cases, respond with unpredictable reactions.

The family doctor or any other specialist in the field of sexopathology, urology, cardiology knows the properties of the active substance and how it is combined with other drugs. Doctors will help you to choose the necessary dosage to prevent harm to the patient.

Despite the fact that the side effects are minimized, they still exist. The most frequent reactions include:

  • malfunctions in the activity of the stomach (heaviness, feeling of fullness, etc.)
  • swelling of the nasal mucosa
  • rush of blood to the facial and cervical area
  • dizziness

If at least one of the symptoms lasts more than two hours, you should immediately seek medical help.

You cannot get the drug without prescription, but our site provides an opportunity to purchase the product without a doctor's prescription.